Ideas for Our Community

If we are to maintain our quality of life through the ebb and flow of change, we need to innovate the ways in which we handle city services, housing, transportation, development and environmental stewardship. Below are some areas that I would like to focus on.

Efficient and Effective City Services

Residents want city services which operate at a high level of quality and efficiency, allowing us to fully enjoy all that Ann Arbor has to offer.

Sustainable Development that Fosters Community

Residents want development that is sustainable and fosters community. They want active areas where housing, transportation and shopping are accessible. They expect that buildings will use the latest tools to promote environmental stewardship. I will refocus the development conversation on the science of sustainability and our need for a sense of place.

Safe Streets and Sidewalks

Residents want a community that is safe for drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians. As the only candidate who walks and bikes and does not drive a car, I will bring that unique perspective to council.

Efficient and Reliable Mass Transit

Mass transit is a key component of our future in terms of jobs, accessibility and environmental stewardship. I will work to ensure that our mass transit services use detailed planning and high efficiency as benchmarks.

Clean Air and Water

Each day, we become more aware of the threats to the purity of our air and water. I will bring resolutions to City Council to develop tangible solutions in the fight to protect our natural resources.

Commitment to the Environment

Ann Arbor's natural features play a fundamental role in the health and happiness of residents. When I worked for Greenpeace, one of my primary responsiblities was raising awareness and garnering support for environmental causes. I will bring this experience to the table, building consensus to achieve our community's environmental goals.

Affordable and Equitable Housing

More affordable housing means a more culturally and economically diverse community. I will work with our local organizations and affordable housing advocates to find innovative solutions to address our housing needs.

Facilitating Local Businesses and the Arts

Ann Arbor has a long history of unique, independent businesses that provide much of our local character and economic resiliency. I will work towards solutions to help facilitate more local small businesses.

Equality for all Members of Our Community

Ann Arbor has a long history of tolerance and equality. I will work to ensure that all residents of our community have equal access to services.

Improved Communication between City Hall and Residents

The success of a democracy is measured in part by the quality of communication between the government and citizens. I will work to ensure that our city government listens to the community and operates transparently.