Dear Neighbors,

Welcome to the informational website for my campaign to join the Ann Arbor City Council as a Democrat representing residents of the 4th Ward. The Democratic Primary Election is August 8th.

Residents expect city services that are efficient and effective; they want a city government that is responsive. To achieve that, they need effective representation on City Council. My work on community boards and committees highlights an ability to gather feedback from a variety of sources, then put together plans that listen to and respect that feedback. When moving from plan to action, we've always done so with an ethic of transparency and a focus on efficiency.

In recent years, it's become fashionable to describe city politics in terms of factions. That's a distraction and a false choice being pushed on residents. There are more than two ways to look at every issue. I'm cut from a different cloth and don't align neatly with any existing group on council. That's an asset: it means less time playing to internal group politics and more time providing effective representation to constituents. It means a greater variety of options at the council table. It means more time to build consensus.

The city faces many challenges ahead - and few of them have easy fixes. It's clear that facing those challenges requires a better approach than either/or. I'm asking for the support of residents to bring more ideas and more options to council to navigate these challenges, in both the short term and for the future.

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P.S. I'd love to hear what's on your mind. Email me at or call me at 734-223-5326.

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Graydon Krapohl • Kirk Westphal • Jason Frenzel • Chuck Warpehoski • Chip Smith • Victoria Green • Jen Eyer • Roger Hewitt • Gene Alloway • Sonya Lewis • Joan Lowenstein • Abby Dart

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